Monday, January 18, 2010



That's one stoked grommet!

Long time professional surfer Adam Replogle is going back to his roots. Replogle, who has earned respect and cash tearing up helpless waves all over the globe, has reached a new point in his career, one that excites him more than being spat out of a giant tube, or leaning into one of his signature “kill” hacks.

This time around, what really gets him jazzed is spreading the stoke to the area’s youth. Replogle can still be found out at Pleasure Point ripping just like the old days, but your more likely to see him cruising Capitola with his wife and two young daughters. Just like her dad did when he was just a little fella, five year old Mackenzie now goes to Soquel Elementary. With his daughter now a kindgardener and her little sister not far off, Replogle felt it was a perfect time to start getting involved with the local schools and give back in any way he could.

“ It started with my neighbor asking me to donate some surf gear to the Main Street School Raffle. I hooked them up a little package deal with a surfboard, shades, thongs, shirt, and leash and it ended up raising $500”, said Replogle, reflecting on his first foray into donating to the area’s local schools. “ From there it just snowballed”, he recalls, and since then he has given away hundreds of dollars worth of equipment and swag to a number of causes.

He’s donated another surfboard prize pack to Soquel High through Save Our Sports, a surfboard to Harbor High, and most recently a new surfboard to the Santa Cruz State Junior Lifeguard Program’s Raffle. Junior Lifeguard Coordinator Bethany Cleland praises Replogle for his generosity.

“We were so stoked to have Adam’s board a part of the raffle! Sometimes it can be like pulling teeth to get donations sometimes but Adam was so cool he just said ‘How can I help the kids?’, and that was that”

For Replogle the decision to help is easy. As a youngster, he went to all the public schools himself, and now that he’s a family man he’s found the perfect opportunity to give back. Using his influence within the surfing community and with a little help from his sponsors he hopes to do what he can to give back in these times of need and “support programs funded by non profits that are hurting”. It’s no secret that our school’s athletic programs are facing extinction these days. Volunteers and philanthropists have always kept these programs alive so it’s nice to see a successful local athlete pitching in. If you have any old or unused sports gear do your part to help out and donate it to one of your area’s local athletics programs.

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